Saturday, November 1, 2008

Step By Step Cracking WEP Part 1

  1. windows - all version
  2. vmware -the latest version
  3. image linux debian for run in vmware player
  4. usb wifi with rt73 chipset

Run image linux debian use vmware.

Click wireless icon at task bar > rt73 > start rt73

Then 1 popup startup the usb wifi to monitor mode will appear and gone after appear 5 second

Click wireless icon > airoscript

Popup Airoscript will appear and click 1 for rausb0 , and press enter

press 1 for no filter,enter
press 1 for channel hopping,enter


Patrick said...

Hi, I downloaded what you suggested and have the Intellinet usb wireless adapter with the rt73 chipset. I can detect networks on windows but when I start rt73 on the VMware player it cannot find the device. Do we need to activate something so it detects usb devices?

Patrick said...

ok! I found that button to activate the usb. Sorry!

Seriously, this is a very easy way to crack WEP!! I've been trying to make it work the the BT3 Live CD for a week now and never managed to.


marko said...

can you put a link from where you downloaded this distribution of linux.

maz_bagoes said...

vmware for windows and linux ..

benbels said...

Could you give me a link to where I can download Debian? :P

maz_bagoes said...

read here my friend.. maybe help you

and here

benbels said...

Why should that help me? :)

benbels said...

Okei, I figured it out :) (SOrry for my bad English)

But one last question, how do I install a rt73 chipset on my D-link DWL-G122?

And if I install that chip, whould any thing happen to the device? Will it still work as normal in windows?

Thanks for help :)

qwe said...

ok, but where i can download this debian image for vmware ?


maz_bagoes said...

use netgear usb wireless for good performance or lyngsys usb wireless --- install it onto windows after that install vmware .. will be restart and after logon start vmware load the aircrack on vmware >>> automatically your usb will be disconnect from windows and will be connecting on linux .. shutdown the linux after you get the password wireless you wanted ... and usb wireless you have been chnage coneccting to windows.. good luck ,, sorry for my bad english ...

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