Saturday, November 1, 2008

Step By Step Cracking WEP Part 3

Ok,now you can choose where your option want use to cracking for your target.
Here I use number 6 attack using client.
If your AP target don't have client.You can use 1,2,3,4 (attack not using a client)
press 6 and enter

After you press enter have 3 black popup will appear.
Have popup with white , green and red font color.
white color = capture packet
green color = inject packet
red color = associated with AP

Here i have big packet,big packet mean your injection will be slow,small packet mean your injection very fast.
If you want use this big packet just type "y" above the packet and press enter.

If you want change to other packet and don't want use this big packet just type "n"
and enter.

Choose where packet you want use.If small packet is more better because more faster while injection process.

Before you press "y" for injection make sure red font popup will associated with your target AP.If confirm associated will appear Associated Successful ;-)

After you prees "y" you can see the #Data at white font popup will increase faster.
Here the injection process is running successfull.
#Data=capturing packet

Ok,wait a minute.After a few second you can crack this packet.
At airoscript pop up you press 4 for crack-get target key

After that press 2 for aircrack standard and enter.

Now 1 pop up will appear,this popup read the capturing packet for get the key.
This aircrack is auto read packet 5000 per 5000 packet.
If fail at 5000 packet,is auto read for get the key at 10000,15000,20000,250000 packet (5000 per 5000).
So,you just wait and see.

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